Manually-operated Clean/Rinse/Dry Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Manually-operated Multi-tank Cleaning Systems require operators to transfer baskets of parts through the cleaning system.  When the ultrasonic cleaning cycle is complete, an operator must move the basket by hand to the rinsing tanks.  When rinsing is complete, the basket must be moved to the drying tank, then unloaded when drying is completed.

While operators are required to transfer baskets, manually-operated multi-tank cleaning systems clean just as effectively as an automated ultrasonic cleaning system.  These systems include the same choice of operating frequency or CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonics, and the same rugged frame construction that Zenith is known for.  All other options normally available to an automated system is also available in a manually-operated system, such as Pump Drain Systems, Filtration Systems, Automatic Rinse-water Quality Maintenance, and others.

Although the manually-operated multi-tank cleaning process will be less costly than an automated system of the same size, most manufacturers can justify the purchase of the automation system, since the return on investment occurs quickly when labor costs are considered.  Also, automated systems process every part identically, where manually-operated systems rely on laborers to ensure that parts are processed as required.

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MTC2:  Includes 1 ultrasonic cleaning tank, and 1 rinse tank.  Drying is not included.

MTC3:  Includes 1 ultrasonic cleaning tank, other tanks can be configured as required.

MTC4:  Includes 1 ultrasonic cleaning tank, 2 rinse tanks for zero-residue performance, and 1 drying tank.  Other configurations are available.

MTC5:  Can be configured in a number of different ways to suit any application.

Custom manufactured multi-tank cleaning systems are also available, and can be manufactured to any required size up to 3000 gallons and more.

Manually Operated Clean/Rinse/Dry Systems:

  • Are Less Costly than Automated Multi-tank Systems.
  • Are Purchased when Labor is Available to Perform Basket Transfers.
  • Include the Same Rugged Frame Design as All Large Zenith Equipment.
  • Are Available with a Large Variety of Options.
  • Are Not as Consistent as an Automated System.

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