TRANSTAR II Automation Systems  
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Zenith's TRANSTAR II automation systems are designed to minimize the labor required to operate a multi-stage cleaning process, and can be added to any multi-tank clean/rinse/dry system. These overhead pick & place robots are normally used in cleanrooms since they have fewer areas where contaminants can be trapped when compared to our Advantage automatic parts washer, and are easier to keep clean.

How this system operates:

The system is operated in the following manner:

  • Operators place baskets of parts onto the load conveyor or load platform
  • A recipe of operation is selected on the color touchscreen operator interface
  • The system automatically detects the basket and transfers it to the ultrasonic cleaning tank
  • Parts are ultrasonically cleaned for the amount of time programmed into the recipe selected.
  • When ultrasonic cleaning is complete, the parts are agitated to flush loosened contaminants from blind holes and other detailed areas.
  • Parts are allowed to drip off and are then transferred to the rinsing tanks.  Any additional baskets on the load conveyor are immediately moved to the ultrasonic cleaning tank to begin processing.  Multiple baskets can be processed simulataneously.
  • When the first basket completes all rinsing processes, it is moved to the drying tank where heated air circulates around the parts to dry them rapidly
  • Baskets are eventually ejected onto the unload conveyor for removal.  A compressed air gun is included to remove any remaining water from the parts if needed.

Included Features:

  • The TRANSTAR II Automation System eliminates the need to manually move baskets into cleaning, rinsing, and drying tanks. Rather, parts are transferred fully automatically using a high-speed servo motor-controlled belt drive system.
  • The system is also capable of modifying the cleaning environment to suit specific part designs to enhance the cleaning performance. For example, some aerospace or aluminum components are sensitive to damage by the ultrasonic energy in the cleaning tank. To eliminate the damage potential the TRANSTAR system includes the exclusive Frequency and Oscillation Selection Feature to process these parts using only 80kHz ultrasonics, which are significantly more gentle on parts than the included 40kHz ultrasonic system. The patented CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonic System (US Patents 5,865,199 and 6,019,852) permits this possibility. Parts can be processed with low frequency ultrasonics, high frequency ultrasonics, or CROSSFIRE simultaneous multiple frequency activity.
  • Not only can the frequency be selected, even drying tank temperatures can recipe-selectable with this optional upgrade to process parts with differing maximum temperature values. Drying tank temperatures will change to match the basket being processed, fully automatically.
  • The TRANSTAR II system is also capable of Simultaneous Multi-recipe Basket Transfer Operations. With the TRANSTAR system, baskets of any recipe can be added at any time. The system automatically adjusts to ensure that each basket is processed with its proper recipe.
  • 3-position Light Signal Tower to indicate system operating conditions from a distance
  • Light Sensor Safety Curtain to stop all moving components if operators approach the movement area
  • Color Touch-screen Operator Interface and Programmable Logic Controller
  • Unload Sensor to indicate when baskets requires removal
  • Alarm features to notify operators in the event of a problem.
  • Automatic Jam Detection to prevent damage to parts and baskets in the event of a basket jam.
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Internally and externally welded tanks with central support to increase weld strength and prevent "oil canning" noise
  • Components are easily accessible for servicing.
  • Speed and ramping adjustments for vertical and horizontal movement.

Available Options:

Optional equipment available for the TRANSTAR II system includes:

  • Multi-position load and unload conveyors
  • Automated covers to reduce evaporative and heat losses
  • Process pauses to clean parts with blind holes in multiple orientations
  • Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC and Panelview Plus Color Operator Human/Machine Interfaces
  • Process Area Enclosures with Interlocked Access Doors
  • Right-angle entry and exit conveyors

If you have an application which may require a multi-stage automated ultrasonic cleaning system, contact Zenith Manufacturing and speak to one of our engineers who will discuss the many other features and optional equipment available to ensure that the system meets your every need.

For a downloadable PDF Brochure, Transtar Automation System PDF

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