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Zenith Ultrasonics manufactures an ultrasonic auto parts washer that is designed to remove the stubborn contaminants such as burned carbon, oils and greases, metal chips, and other dirt found in auto and aviation rebuilding shows.  These system includes several features not found in other systems, such as:

  • CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonics, a patented Zenith exclusive feature.
  • Digital Ultrasonic Cycle Timer
  • Dual-draw Filtration systems that filter both settling particles and remove oils from the surface
  • Large and powerful 1/3HP stainless steel filter pump.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • A stainless steel cover which acts as a heavy duty basket rest.
  • Industrial-grade ergonomic controls.
  • Frame construction rather than sheet-metal support structures.
  • Industrial-grade immersion heating system with digital temperature controller for fast heat-up.
  • Internally-mounted liquid-tight electrical control enclosure.
  • Tanks which are welded internally and externally for superior strength
  • Belly-band tank support to strengthen tank and prevent "oil canning" noises when filling and draining.
  • Casters to provide mobility

Since both aviation and automotive components may be manufactured of aluminum, Zenith's patented CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonics are included to reduce potential damage of parts by Cavitational Erosion.  Oscillation Systems are also available to further reduce damage potential while simultaneously drastically improving the cleaning action inside of blind holes, cavities, and other detailed areas of parts being cleaned.

How the System Operates:

The system operates in the following manner:

  • Parts are placed into the tank using the included stainless steel basket or other holding fixture. 
  • Once submerged, the START button is pressed, and the cover is closed.  The ultrasonic system turns on, and the filter system turns off automatically.  Parts are cleaned with the CROSSFIRE ultrasonic system at this time.
  • The system will automatically turn off upon completion of the cycle. 
  • Operators can then return when the parts are clean. 
  • The cover is opened and the batch of parts is placed onto the basket rest.  Dripping liquids are directed back to the ultrasonic cleaning tank

What Contaminants does this system remove?

Not only can these systems remove lightly bonded contaminants such as oil, these systems also remove the following:

  • Burned carbon
  • Burned transmission and engine oils
  • General dirt and grime
  • Heavy and light greases
  • Metal particles
  • Hardened dirt
  • Diesel combustion residues

Zenith also has a unique cleaning fluid called Agent ACS which is designed specifically for this cleaning system.  If you are considering the purchase of an ultrasonic auto parts cleaner, contact Zenith Mfg & Chemical Corp. for a quotation using our contact forms, or calling us directly.

Available Standard Tank Sizes:

ACS-30:  28" x 18" x 15" Tall

ACS-70:  36" x 24" x 18" Tall

Table-top cleaning systems are also available that may be able to clean lighter parts at a reduced price.


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