ADVANTAGE Automatic Parts Washer (patent pending)

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Zenith's newest automatic parts washer, the Advantage (patent pending), is the most ultrasonically-optimized automation system available and provides cleaning performance that cannot be matched by any other type of automation system.

Anyone that knows anything about ultrasonic cleaners can tell you that the ultrasonic cleaning performance is directly related to the number of parts being cleaned, and the mass of the individual parts: 

  • The greater the number of parts being cleaned, the less ultrasonic energy that will be dedicated to an individual part. 
  • ANYTHING that is submerged in an ultrasonic bath absorbs some of the emitted energy, and changes the reflected patterns of energy in the tank.
  • To reduce the effect that the baskets have on ultrasonic cleaning performance, baskets are made just strong enough the support the batch of product with minimal mass to minimize energy loss and maximize cleaning performance.

How ADVANTAGE Maximizes Ultrasonic Performance

The Advantage automatic parts washer uses Zenith's proven MBT transfer system to push baskets from tank to tank using a series of arms which are connected to a pneumatic cylinder or optically-encoded ball screw drive.  This is identical to the way that our MBT system has functioned for decades.  However, the Advantage system optimizes ultrasonic performance by:

  • Eliminating any and all basket support structures under the parts.
  • Removing basket supports allows all of the ultrasonic energy being emitted to be dedicated to parts cleaning.
  • No structures under the basket which will absorb ultrasonic energy and change its reflected patterns in the tank.
  • Each tank includes a dedicated oscillation platform that oscillates product during the process at a programmable rate to scan items through the standing waves of ultrasonic energy, remove loosened contaminants from detailed areas of the product, and prevent damage to sensitive components.
  • Oscillation permits product to pass through the high-energy band just below the surface of the liquid.
  • As the weight of parts becomes greater, support structures which would be included need to be more massive and thereby absorb even more ultrasonic energy.  With Advantage, even the heaviest loads will not affect ultrasonic performance due to structural strengthening of basket supports.

More information on the advantages of oscillation can be found in the Technical Info drop-down menu above under "Parts Oscillation".

Test Results and Customer Feedback

Foil tests which were performed in an ultrasonically-optimized system which supported baskets underneath vs. our Advantage parts washer design indicated that it took 10 times longer to produce 1/2 of the holes in the foil.  In addition, holes in the foil were significantly more evenly distributed in the Advantage system.  These easy-to-perform tests indicate that the Advantage design is at least 300-500% more ultrasonically effective than a system which suspends the basket from underneath.

Customer feedback on sales of this new design backs up our own tests.  One customer who had an older system that supported the basket from underneath dropped his ultrasonic cleaning time from 10 minutes to 3 minutes, and felt that they could reduce the cleaning time even further and still get their parts clean.

Another customer who had already decided to purchase their new system from a competitor whose machine supported the basket from underneath ended up purchasing multiple Advantage systems from Zenith instead after performing their own comparative foil tests at Zenith and its competitor.

ADVANTAGE Automation System Features

  • All basket support structures are eliminated from the tank to maximize ultrasonic cleaning performance (patent pending)
  • Baskets are pushed from tank to tank along a guided track
  • Less possibility of system crashing due to falling baskets since baskets can never be disengaged from the support devices.
  • Includes independent, programmable oscillation capabilities to every tank through the surface of the liquid to pass objects through high energy cleaning zones
  • High load capacities are possible without reducing ultrasonic power in the tanks.
  • Features which permit rotation of parts to permit even cleaning of parts with complex geometries.
  • CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonic Systems can be added to improve particle sizes most effectively removed and provide the cleaning properties of more-than-one frequency.
  • NEMA4X control enclosures and color touch-screen operator interface with remote log-in and control capabilities.
  • System input monitoring through the touchscreen display for easy troubleshooting.
  • SSR-controlled Drying Tank for the most accurate temperature maintenance up to 250 degrees F.
  • Multiple Recipe Processor allows each basket to be processed with different recipes of operation.
  • Can be manufactured to utilize existing baskets.
  • Light safety curtain for operator safety.
  • Light signal tower with optional alarm horn alerts operators when needed.
  • Large variety of options available to customize the system to suit your specific needs.
  • Manufactured using readily-available components.
  • All stainless steel construction with true tubular support frame.
  • For a downloadable PDF Brochure, click here.

Available Sizes and Formats

The Advantage Automatic Parts Washer is available in the following sizes and formats

  • 3-tank Format Industrial Series:  Clean/Rinse/Dry for industrial-grade cleaning results
  • 4-tank Format Precision Series:  Clean/Rinse/Rinse/Dry for precision-grade zero-residue performance capabilities
  • 5-tank Format Ultra-clean Series:  Clean/Rinse/Rinse/Rinse/Dry or Clean/Clean/Rinse/Rinse/Dry for ultraclean performance capabilites
  • Other Formats:  Available on request in any conceivable design.
  • Basket Size 12" x 20" x 14" tall
  • Basket Size 18" x 24" x 15" tall
  • Basket Size 24" x 36" x 18" tall
  • Other Sizes:  Are available on request, custom-manufactured.

More Information

For more information on this truly revolutionary product, download our PDF and contact Zenith directly for additional assistance, or use our on-line Contact Form.  Our engineers will provide any assistance you may need, and will ensure that the Advantage automatic parts washer is the best of Zenith's automated options for your application.


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