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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners have been manufactured by Zenith since 1976, longer than any competitive seller of this equipment.  Using 32 years of experience manufacturing these systems, along with extensive experience manufacturing all types of ultrasonic cleaners, Zenith has developed a blind cleaning system which cannot be compared to any existing ultrasonic venetian Blind cleaning system.the BASIC Blind Cleaning System

Zenith Manufacturing offers 2 different styles of machines to choose from; the BASIC, and the COMET, our flagship equipment design.  The difference between these 2 systems relate to the speed in which the system can clean, rinse, and dry blinds, and how easily the blinds can be cleaned. 

All Zenith blind cleaning systems include 2 stainless steel processing tanks; a heated cleaning tank, and a rinsing tank.  Blinds to be cleaned are first lowered into the ultrasonic cleaning tank, where high-intensity ultrasonic transducers will remove contaminants from every part of the blind, including the head rail, and bottom rails which support the blind. 

After completion of the rinsing cycle, the blind is allowed to drain for a few seconds, and is then moved to the Rinsing Tank, wthe COMET Ultrasonic Blind Cleanerhere tap water is used to rinse off detergent residues from the blinds.  Detergents remaining behind will leave residues on the blinds after drying, especially dark-colored blinds.

After the blinds are fully rinsed, they must be dried prior to re-hanging.  While the COMET includes a drying system, the BASIC requires that a drying method be added to the system as optional equipment, or blinds can be hung on Blind Drying Racks which are available from Zenith, or racks can be manufactured by the customer using readily-available components.

Differences between the COMET and the BASIC

The BASIC blind cleaning system is similar in design to most competitive ultrasonic blind cleaning machines you will find.  The system includes Zenith's PULSE-SONIC 40kHz ultrasonic system which requires that blinds be opened during the cleaning process.  Rinsing is accomplished by dunking the bliind in a bath of water which is treated with a rinse additive to promote fast drying.  Blinds must then be dried by hanging on racks and toweling dry, drying with a hot-air gun, or other method.  The BASIC is perfect for those customers who are adding a blind cleaning service to an existing business.

The COMET, our flagship ultrasonic blind cleaning system, includes features and capabilities which are designed to increase the speed and convenience of blind cleaning.  For example, this system has the ability to clean, rinse, and dry blinds, ready to re-hang immediately, in under 3-4 minutes, with the blind in a CLOSED position.  The benefits of this technology are numerous.  Firstly, blinds are normally transported to the CROSSFIRE Ultrasonic Cleaning Surface Actionultrasonic cleaning system in a closed-position, with the cord wrapped around the end of the blind.  In the COMET, the cleaning, rinsing, and drying of the blinds is performed with blinds in a closed position.  Blinds can be taken from the transportation container, immediately clean, rinsed, and dried, and returned to the window 5 minutes thereafter.  No system anywhere can equal the speed of the COMET system.

The COMET includes our patented CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonic System, which includes transducers and generators of both 40kHz and 80kHz.  This allows the system to clean between blind slats which are on top of one-another, and in holes the size of a human hair.  This system is also less damaging, and  produces an evenly-distributed, gentle cleaning action everywhere in the tank.  The photograph at the right tells it all, which depicts the ultrasonic cleaning action in a COMET blind cleaning system.  This cleaning action is not found on any blind cleaning system, anywhere, except for the COMET.  Additional information on CROSSFIRE can be found under the "Technical Info" drop down list under Multi-frequency Systems.

The COMET rinsing tank allows for 2 different methods of rinsing, depending upon the availability of a garden hose and water supply.  If water supply is available, the included Spray Rinsing System can be used to rinse the blinds using only fresh water.  This method eliminates the need to change rinsing fluids often, as when using the Submersion Rinse Method, which is also possible on the COMET.  Although submersion rinses are effective for up to 20 blinds or so, the rinse water becomes contaminated with soap from the cleaning tank, which leaves spots on the blinds afteLight Diffusion Panel, Cleaned on Endsr drying, especially those that are dark in color.  By using a fresh water supply, there is never a need to drain and re-fill the rinsing tank.

The COMET also includes a Drying System which utilizes the same spray gun as is used for rinsing.  A small valve is repositioned on the handle of the gun, and the gun now becomes a compressed air drying system, that can remove over 90% of the water from the blind in under 1 minute, with the blind in a closed position.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of the ability to clean blinds in a closed position.  Imagine receiving a contract for 600 blinds to be cleaned on-site.  These blinds happen to be older, 2" school-type blinds, the ones that weigh over 10 pounds each.  Now imagine removing the blind from the window, closing it, transporting it to the machine, opening it again (a very difficult task for 1 person) cleaning it, rinsing it, drying it, then RE-CLOSING it, bringing it to the window, and finally opening it once again.  And, keep in mind that without the COMET drying system, blinds will require 15-30 minutes of drying, which will require hanging racks to be brought on site. 

With the COMET, blinds are closed, transported to the machine, cleaned rinsed, and dried in a closed position, and immediately brought back to the window to be re-hung.

Also, we forgot to mention that the COMET has removable immersibles to allow the ultrasInternal Storage Area on COMET Blind Cleaneronic components to be positioned in a rectangular tank.  This permits cleaning of items which will not fit conveniently in the blind cleaning tank, and is designed to allow the machine to be used for Fire Restoration, a profitable sideline business.

Both blind cleaning system designs include training at the Zenith facility in Norwood New Jersey, 10 miles north of NYC.  Continuous telephone support is also included free-of-charge during normal working hours.  Marketing assistance and guidelines are also included.

Both the COMET and the BASIC are manufactured of 304 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.  Zenith is also the OEM manufacturer of the machinery.  We do not buy and re-sell, we actually build the machine and the ultrasonic system.  This allows for less costly initial system and spare parts prices, and faster service.

If you are interested in obtaining additional information on the COMET and BASIC ultrasonic blind cleaning systems, contact us directly for immediate assistance and answers to all of your questions.

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