the ULTRAMATIC HV High-volume Ultrasonic Clean/Rinse/Dry System                                                                                                                       

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Other Automated Systems include the TRANSTAR Automated Multi-tank, MBT Automated Multi-tank Cleaners, and the ADVANTAGE Automation System

The ULTRAMATIC HV is a fully-automated ultrasonic system which cleans, rinses, and dries parts at a high rate of speed, producing zero-residue cleaning results when equipped or attached to deionized water (patent pending). The system incorporates a combination of cleaning and rinsing processes which are difficult and expensive to add to an automated multi-tank cleaning system, and a unique transfer system which accurately and consistently transfers basketsULTRAMATIC HV 1000 Automated Cleaning System through the process.

Multi-tank cleaning systems are composed of a series of stainless steel tanks, each of which is responsible for part of the clean/rinse/dry process. Typically, a single ultrasonic tank is included to remove contaminants, 2 rinse tanks are included to remove detergent residues from the parts, and a drying tank is included to dry the parts completely. An automation system is included to move parts from tank to tank by lifting one basket at a time, and moving it to the next processing tank.

The speed of most multi-tank cleaning systems is largely dictated by the time required to dry parts. The drying stage is the “bottleneck” in most applications, since the time required to dry parts usually exceeds the time required to clean and rinse parts. The ULTRAMATIC HV takes advantage of this fact by performing both the cleaning AND rinsing of parts in a single tank, while another basket is drying in a 2nd tank. Since only 2 processing tanks are required, lengthy automation systems are not required, thereby reducing cost, and simultaneously reducing the space required in the facility. Add a unique and patented automation system, and the ULTRAMATIC HV is the result.

Batches of parts are placed into baskets which are loaded on the 3-position Automated Load Conveyor. Operators then assign a Recipe of Operation to each basket loaded using the included Touchscreen Operator Interface. Each basket can be processed using a different Recipe of Operation, allowing precise control of how each batch of parts is processed.

Once the START button is pressed, the basket is rapidly transferred from the Automated Load Conveyor to the Ultrasonic Cleaning/Rinsing tank. While in this tank, the parts are cleaned AND rinsed with a combination of the patented CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonic System, Intermittent Oscillation to flush loosened contaminants from blind holes and threaded areas, and a pressure spray rinse to produce part cleanliness which exceeds that of most multi-tank cleaning systems. Since rinsing is performed in the same tank as ultrasonic cleaning, an ultrasonic rinse is included without having to pay extra to add ultrasonic components to a rinse tank, as is the case with a multi-tank cleaning system.

Once cleaning and rinsing are complete, the basket is transferred to the High-efficiency Drying Tank to be dried, while the next basket is being cleaned and rinsed. When the first basket is dried, it is ejected onto the 3-position Unload Conveyor for removal, while the strobe alerts operators of its presence. Typical processing speed when operating continuously is 10-15 minutes per basket, depending upon part designs and the system size purchased.

This system is also capable of preventing ultrasonic cavitation damage to most sensitive components, the destructive removal of small amounts of material from the parts themselves. Parts which are sensitive to such damage include electronic components, polished and un-polished aluminum, coated parts, and many others. The ULTRAMATIC HV can prevent damage to such components, an impossible feat for competitive system designs.

The ULTRAMATIC HV also includes Automated Rinse Water Quality Monitoring and Maintenance, which automatically adds fresh water to the rinse holding tank when water quality falls below acceptable levels, a Stainless Steel Filtration System to filter contaminants from the cleaning fluid, a Touchscreen Operator Interface, and many other features, such as pump drain capabilities. Many options are available to further enhance the operation of this system.3-position Automated Load and Unload Conveyors

The ULTRAMATIC HV is not only the most advanced automated multi-stage cleaning system, but is also manufactured for long-term reliability in the most abusive operating environments.

If your firm requires an automated multi-stage cleaning process, speak to your Zenith sales representative about the ULTRAMATIC HV, and how this advanced cleaning system can satisfy your parts cleaning requirements.


3-position Automated Load and Unload Conveyors
Touchscreen Operator Interface with Recipe Programming
Patented CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonic System
Programmable Intermittent Oscillation during Cleaning and Rinsing
Primary and Final Spray RInse Operations
Heated and Insulated 316L Stainless Steel Storage Vessels
Particulate Filtration System
High-efficiency Drying Chamber with Compressed Air Blowoff Wand
Alert Strobe for Completed Baskets
Patented Jam-proof Multiple Basket Transfer System
Pump Drain System for Holding Vessels
NEMA4X Main Control Enclosure
Manual Override Controls for All Devices
Cavitation Damage Prevention Capabilities
Stainless Steel Spray Rinse System
High-efficiency Transfer Pumps w/ SS Gate-type Control Valves
Automated Hinged Stainless Covers for Process Tanks
Precision Linear Guide Rails and Bearings
Automated Water Quality Control System
Digital Temperature Controllers for All Heated Devices


ULTRAMATIC HV-1200: Basket Size 10" x 11" x 10" tallFiltration is Standard on the ULTRAMATIC series
ULTRAMATIC HV-2000: Basket Size 14" x 20" x 14" tall
ULTRAMATIC HV-2400: Basket Size 18" x 24" x 14" tall
ULTRAMATIC HV-3600: Basket Size 24" x 36" x 18" tall
Custom Sizes are Available


Waste Treatment Systems
Automatic Fill and Liquid Level Maintenance
Rust Preventative Injection Systems
Closed-loop Deionization Systems
Extended Load and Unload Conveyors
Deionized Water Collection Tanks
Process Area Enclosures
Automatic Recipe Programming
Oil Skimming Systems
Stainless Steel Frame


208/220 Volt 3-phase with Neutral
480 volt 3-phase Available with Optional Transformer


  • A Small-footprint Automated High-volume Clean/Rinse/Dry System
  • Capable of Producing Zero Residue Results when Supplied with Deionized Water
  • Includes Oscillation Capabilities to Drastically Improve Cleaning Speed and Results
  • Typically Less Costly than Comparable Automated Multi-tank Systems.
  • Includes Crash-proof Automation System Design.

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Other Automated Systems include the TRANSTAR Automated Multi-tank, and MBT Automated Multi-tank Cleaners


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