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The MTC-3 is a 3-tank ultrasonic cleaning system which is available in 2 possible configurations; clean/rinse/rinse, or clean/rinse/dry.  A compressed-air Drying Wand is also included to permit operators to dry parts after the rinsing process in the clean/rinse/rinse configuration.  These systems are also available with automation systems such as our TRANSTAR Automation System, or exclusive MBT Automation System.

The MTC-3 is available as a clean/rinse/rinse system for applications requiring zero-residue cleaning results with no drying, or as a clean/rinse/dry system, with one ultrasonic cleaning tank, 1 rinse tank, and 1 drying tank for lower volume applications not requiring zero-residue performance, but requiring a drying operation.

The MTC-3, like all Zenith cleaning machines, is manufactured using the highest grade of materials available, and includes features such as Particulate Filtration, stainless steel access panels, and Digital Cycle Timers to increase the longevity of the cleaning agent and system, while simultaneously providing convenient operation.  Controls are enclosed in a NEMA4X fiberglass electrical enclosure rather than a steel enclosure to eliminate the possibility of corrosion.  Systems also include drain and fill ports with ball valves to provide for easy liquid maintenance operations.MTC3-2400 in Clean/Rinse/Dry Configuration

Ultrasonic cleaning is performed in the first stainless steel tank.  Ultrasonic options include a choice of operating frequencies, or our patented CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonic System for the best possible cleaning effect for most applications.  The ultrasonic cleaning tank is heated using a high-efficiency heater with a Digital Temperature Controller which continuously displays bath temperature.  A Particulate Filtration System is also included to remove particles and contaminants from the cleaning tank, thereby increasing its expected life.  Filter housings are mounted in a convenient location for servicing.  The included Digital Ultrasonic Timer automatically deactivates the ultrasonic cleaning cycle when complete.

Submersion Rinsing is performed in the 2nd stainless steel tank if the system is purchased in Clean/Rinse/Dry configuration.  Since only 1 rinse tank is included, this design is used primarily for lower-volume applications where zero-residue cleaning results are not required, and detergent transfer from cleaning tank to the rinsing tank is minimal.  An Overflow Port and Fill Port with ball valve control are included on the rinse tank to provide the ability to add water to the rinse tank when water quality is un-acceptable. 

If operators utilize the Compressed Air Wand for drying of the parts, water residues will be minimized or eliminated since the water is removed from the part completely if the system is purchased in clean/rinse/dry configuration.  If zero-residue cleaning results are required, the MTC-4, or MTC-5 cleaning systems may be a better choice if drying is required.

In clean/rinse/dry configuration, the 3rd processing tank includes a high-volume partially-recirculating Drying System which includes an electric heater core, and 4" gated Moist Air Exhaust System to remove moisture from the drying environment.  Air flow is directed at parts to maximize drying speed.  A hinged cover is included to keep the drying environment enclosed.  Like all Zenith drying systems, the MTC-3 in clean/rinse/dry configuration is designed to dry parts by air volume rather than excessively high temperatures, thereby permitting operator handling of baskets more quickly after the completion of the drying cycle.

If the system is purchased in Clean/Rinse/Rinse configuration, the system will be capable of producing zero-residue cleaning results when supplied with purified or deionized water, but no drying operation will be included.  A 2nd rinse tank is included to perform the final rinse in purified water which will not leave water residues behind.  In this configuration, rinse tanks are designed in Reverse Cascade Overflow Format, where both rinse tanks share the same water supply to greatly reduce the consumption of water.  A 2" Overflow Weir is included in the Primary Rinse Tank to ensure that overflowing liquids are evenly drawn from the tank.

System Design Features:

  • Available in 2 Configurations; clean/rinse/rinse or clean/rinse/dry.
  • Most parts are Internally Mounted for Cleaner Exterior Appearance.
  • All Components are Easily Accessed for Maintenance Operations.
  • Available with CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonic Systems.
  • NEMA4X Fiberglass Control Enclosure Provides Ease of Operation while Eliminating Potential Corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 38" Working Height.
  • Filtration System and Digital Ultrasonic Timer Included as Standard Equipment.Compressed Air Wand

Available Standard Systems:


  • Basket Size:  20” x 12” x 14” maximum height
  • Fluid Operating Temperatures:  50-175 degrees F.
  • Filter System Flow Rate:  Up to 20GPM
  • Filter Cartridge Size:  20”, 10 micron
  • Ultrasonic Power:  1200 watts
  • Input Power:  208/220 VAC, 60hz
  • External Dimensions:  106" x 34" x 38" tall


  • Basket Size:  24” x 18” x 15” maximum height
  • Fluid Operating Temperatures:  50-175 degrees F.
  • Filter System Flow Rate:  Up to 20GPM
  • Filter Cartridge Size:  Dual 20”, 50 and 10 micron
  • Ultrasonic Power:  2400 watts
  • Input Power:  208/220 VAC, 60hz
  • External Dimensions:  118" x 36" x 38" tallCleaning a Fuel Injection System


  • Basket Size:  36” x 24” x 18” maximum height
  • Fluid Operating Temperatures:  50-175 degrees F.
  • Filter System Flow Rate:  Up to 20GPM
  • Filter Cartridge Size:  Dual 20”, 50 and 10 micron
  • Ultrasonic Power:  3600 watts
  • Input Power:  208/220 VAC, 60hz
  • External Dimensions:  130" x 48" x 38" tall

Optional Equipment:

  • Pump Drain Systems to pump liquids to overhead waste or other location.
  • Intermittent Oscillation Systems to oscillate parts during cleaning and/or rinsing cycles.
  • Rinse Water Quality Monitoring System.
  • High-volume Filtration System.
  • Ultrasonic Rinse Systems.
  • Oil Skimmers.
  • Stainless Steel Frame.
  • Spray Rinse Wand.
  • TRANSTAR or MBT Automation Systems

All other sizes are custom-manufactured.

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