Multiple Basket Transfer Automation Systems

Zenith's Multiple Basket Transfer (MBT) Automation System is the best automation system available in terms of reliability, consistency and processing speed. It also provides the ultimate in system flexibility.

To understand why our MBT system is the best, you first need to understand how most automation systems, including our own TRANSTAR Automation System, work.

Most automation systems are known as pick and place systems because they move individual baskets from one tank to the next by lifting them, moving them horizontally, and then lowering them into the next tank. These systems are undoubtedly very accurate but they are not easily modified and require constant maintenance or the system soon crashes and baskets frequently fall. In fact, crashes are so common that many pick and place systems now include crash sensors as a standard part of their equipment.

Zenith's MBT Automation System can transfer all baskets simultaneously in less than 30 seconds which significantly increases overall processing speed. In fact, the MBT Automation System will process baskets faster than the TRANSTAR or any other competitive single-basket transfer system design.

Zenith's MBT Automation System does not lift baskets. Instead it pushes baskets from tank to tank along guiding rails which are attached to separate oscillation platforms that are individually mounted to each tank.

Crashing is eliminated because the baskets are always supported by the guiding rails and so cannot be dropped.

The advantage of separate, individually mounted oscillation platforms is that each processing tank can include its own processing sequence. This means, for example, that baskets in the cleaning tank can be intermittently oscillated to improve cleaning action while baskets in the rinse tank can be continuously oscillated to improve rinse effectiveness.

Oscillation helps to flush detergents and other contaminants that have been loosened by the ultrasonic cleaning process from the parts' surfaces and prevents them being re-deposited. Difficult to clean areas such as metal folds, blind holds and other areas of fine detail are more easily and thoroughly cleaned in o ZENITH MFG. & CHEMICAL CORP PsOscillscillating tanks. Overall, oscillation systems can greatly enhance the cleaning process, leading to more thorough and much faster results.

In Zenith's MBT automated system the oscillation process can be individually programmed to be continuous or intermittent within each tank, and the oscillating movement can be adjusted for stroke speed, duration, length and time, depending on what is needed.

ULTRAMATIC HV with MBT Automation

More information on the advantages of oscillation can be found in the Technical Info drop-down menu above under "Parts Oscillation".

Movement between tanks

Baskets are transferred from tank to tank by means of a pneumatic cylinder with a fixed stroke length (unlike pick and place systems which rely on optical encoders). The system is operator-friendly and is controlled with a touch screen and on-board programmable logic controller.

Our MBT Automation Systems also include automated process tank covers (an option which could add several thousand dollars to the price of a pick & place automation system such as our TRANSTAR)

The system can be further enhanced with additional optional equipment, such as multi-position automated load and unload conveyors.

Yet although the Zenith MBT Automation System includes so much more capability, it is LESS COSTLY than most pick & place automation systems due to its inherent simplicity. No MBT system ever installed has caused a basket crash or failed to accurately transfer a basket. You can rest assured that the system will be operating 15-25 years from the date of purchase, accurately and reliably transferring baskets, with no maintenance required other than basic cleaning. 

If you are interested in automating a multi-stage clean/rinse/dry system, contact Zenith for a quotation on our MBT Automation System. 

MBT Automation Systems:

  • Baskets are pushed from tank to tank along guided tracks
  • Less possibility of system crashing due to falling baskets
  • System optimized for ultrasonic use
  • Includes independent, programmable oscillation capabilities to every tank
  • For a downloadable PDF Brochure, click here.


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