AERO-CLEAN High-volume Aerospace Ultrasonic Cleaner   

The Aero-clean Aerospace Ultrasonic Cleaner is a revolutionary product which cleans, rinses, and dries components to zero-residue finish at higher volumes than any other system available, and includes features designed to provide un-matched cleaning performance on parts which include highly detailed internal and external designs, such as those with multiple blind holes in different orientations, internal passages and cavities, and other detail which is traditionally difficult to clean using ultrasonic parts washers, or other means.

The Aero-clean includes the following design features:

  • A single (or dual) CROSSFIRE ultrasonic cleaning tank/s to remove the contaminants

  • Cascading overflow rinsing tanks to rinse the product.  3 rinsing tanks provide the best results and drastically reduces the amount of water consumed over time.

  • Compressed air blow-off station where entrapped liquids are removed

  • Multi-position Dryer Tunnel:  Since the bottleneck of ANY aqueous ultrasonic cleaning process is typically the drying operation which limits how fast parts can be processed, Zenith has incorporated a fully-automated multi-position Drying Tunnel to eliminate the drying delay, and then added custom programming which provides a host of new features designed to enhance the cleaning of complex product with blind holes and cavities in multiple orientations.

  • ADVANTAGE Automation System (patent pending), which permits continuous or intermittent oscillation DURING the cleaning and rinsing processes to flush contaminants from internal areas, prevent damage to machined aluminum components and maximize ultrasonic performance.

  • An automated 3-position load conveyor is included to allow queuing of multiple baskets simultaneously and each basket can be programmed with a different recipe of operation.  This system is also capable of processing multiple baskets simultaneously.

Aero-clean Benefits:

There are numerous benefits to the Aero-clean design which include:

  • Multi-frequency Ultrasonics doubles the range of particle sizes which are addressed by the system

  • Agitation during cleaning and rinsing processes flushes contaminants out from areas which trap it such as blind holes, cavities, and internal geometry.

  • Allows multiple baskets with different recipes to be queued for processing

  • Eliminates the bottleneck at the drying area which dictates the processing speed of the system

  • Prevents damage to softer or machined metal components such as aluminum, magnesium, and others

  • Allows operations to inspect parts between each tank if preferred

  • Includes 10 programmable Recipes of Operation on a color touch-screen operator interface.

While other automation systems such as our Transtar and other competitive overhead transfer systems only agitate parts after completion of the ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing cycle, the Aero-clean agitates product DURING the cleaning and rinsing operations.  This drastically improves cleaning speed and performance while simultaneously enhancing the damage protection on sensitive components. 

General System Design Features:

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing, and Compressed Air Drying in a Single Cleaning System.
  • Most parts are Internally Mounted for Cleaner Exterior Appearance.
  • All Components are Easily Accessed for Maintenance Operations.
  • Available with CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonic Systems.
  • NEMA4X Control Enclosure Provides Ease of Operation while Eliminating Potential Corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 38" Working Height.
  • Filtration System.
  • Multi-position Dryer Tunnel for high-volume processing with no bottleneck at the dryer station.
  • Cleans inside of blind holes, internal channels and passages, and other highly-detailed areas of product.
  • Produces zero-residue cleaning results when rinse system is equipped with deionized water.
  • Multi-position automated conveyors.
  • Zenith's exclusive ADVANTAGE Automation System.
  • Optional pressurized detergent spray to permit directed cleaning of critical part areas.
  • Light Tower with Horn to Indicate System Operating Conditions.
  • Single Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank, triple rinse tanks OR Dual Cleaning Tank and Dual Rinse Tanks
  • Ultrasonic Frequency Selection Feature permits disabling of aggressive frequencies when cleaning sensitive components.
  • Dual-draw Filtration System Collects Settling and Floating Contaminants
  • 3-position Automated Load Conveyor
  • Agitation capabilities DURING the cleaning and rinsing processes, fully adjustable.
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Compressed Air Blow-off Station
  • Fluid Operating Temperatures:  50-175 degrees F.
  • Filter System Flow Rate:  Up to 20GPM
  • Filter Cartridge Size:  20”, 10 micron, Stainless Housings and Pressure Gauges
  • Light Curtain to disable moving components when operators approach processing area too closely.

Optional Equipment:

  • Pump Drain Systems to pump liquids to overhead waste or other location.
  • Intermittent Oscillation Systems to oscillate parts during cleaning and/or rinsing cycles.
  • Rinse Water Quality Monitoring and Control System.
  • Additional High-volume Filtration Systems.
  • Ultrasonic Rinse Systems.
  • Oil Skimmers.
  • Spray Rinse Wand.
  • Spray Over Submersion Rinse Systems.
  • Closed-loop Deionization Systems for Rinse Tanks.
  • Automatic Liquid Level Maintenance.
  • Process Area Enclosures.
  • Wastewater Evaporators to dispose of generated wastes.

Available Standard Systems:


  • Basket Size:  12” x 20” x 14” maximum height
  • Single Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank and 3 cascade rinse tanks OR dual Cleaning Tanks and Dual Rinse Tanks.


  • Dual Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks, and Triple Cascade Rinse Tanks
  • Basket Size:  12” x 20” x 14” maximum height


  • Single Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank, triple rinse tanks OR Dual Cleaning Tank and Dual Rinse Tanks
  • Basket Size:  24” x 30” x 24” maximum height


  • Dual Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks and Triple Cascade Rinse Tanks
  • Basket Size:  24" x 30" x 24" maximum height.

All other sizes are custom-manufactured at no additional cost.

If your application requires the cleaning of highly complex parts with significant detail in multiple orientations, contact Zenith for additional information and a quotation.


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