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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners for Industrial and Precision Applications

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Introduction:Benchtop Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

Zenith has been manufacturing ultrasonic parts cleaners since 1935, providing manufacturers with the highest-quality systems available.  Our product line includes every type of ultrasonic cleaning system, from small table-top systems, to fully-automated multi-stage systems that produce zero-residue results for high-technology parts washing applications, and everything in-between.

Most systems sold by Zenith include our patented CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonics, which includes transducers and generators of more-than-one frequency to provide the power of low frequency systems, with the penetration and even cleaning action produced by high-frequency systems

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For Larger Parts

Customized for Your Application:

While competitive manufacturers have designed standard systems which may not be perfectly suited to your application, Zenith designs its ultrasonic parts cleaner to be easily modified, allowing our customers to choose from a host of options to customize the system to their specific needs.  Electrical connection location, drain locations, and fill locations can all be changed to match the layout of your facility, and provide for easy installation of the cleaning system. 

Not only will this customization process make installation of your system significantly easier, but can also significantly reduce the cost of the machine, and may make the machine more powerful by eliminating fluid and tank volume which is not required to satisfy the application.



Automated Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

Contacting Us

Although this web site has been designed to provide you with a wealth of information, contact our sales department for additional information which may not be provided herein.  Our sales engineers will answer all of your questions immediately, and will be able to provide you with the answers to all of your questions, recommending the perfect ultrasonic parts cleaner for your application.










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